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Eduard & Ekaterina

Are the artists about whom you can say they are ‘The Artists from a Big Letter’, so they understand – the public always wants more and more, it is waiting for something bright that will remain in their memory for a long time, and there will always   be a spark and a piece of surprise in their show. Audiences are waiting for a show which will help them forget everything negative in their lives and make them concentrate all their attention on the artists.

Eduard, a graduate from a SCCVA (State College of Circus and Variety Art),  guest –performances all over the world

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Ekaterina, a graduate from SSIA (Smolensk State Institute of Art), is an artist with a great dancing and choreographic experience



                                                                             Eduard Gelazarov

1998-2002. - Studied at the Moscow State College of Circus and Variety Arts, and graduated from it with honors. Was awarded by the State Circus Commission with the National Prize “CIRCUS” for the best actor playing and acrobatic feat in the item “ Pain of Love”.

2002-2003 -Working with the Moscow State Music Hall in the famous restaurant-variete “Yar”.

2003 -The winner in the international competition of circus artists and entertainers in Moscow. 

2003 - A competitor in TV festival Golden Circus in Roma (Italy).

2003 - Work in many circuses in Russia.

2003 - Recording on the sports TV channel in Moscow.

2004 - Tour of Japan.

2005 - Participation in TV shooting in Brescia (Italy).

2005-2006 - «American Circus» (Italy).

2006 - Dubai -United Arab Emirates. 

2006 - Tour of Israel with Moscow State Music Hall .

2006 - In 2006 number "My Story", won a gold medal at the international European Youth Circus festival in Wiesbaden (Germany).

2006 - Tigerpalast Variete (3 weeks)

2007 - Gala show (Stars of the Circus) in Buenos Aires.

2007-2008 - Tigerpalast Variete (10,5 months non-stop)

2008-2009 - GOP VARIETE (Germany)

2009 - Awarded by the Special prize from the Moscow Circus Nikulin at the international festival in Moscow.

2010 - GOP VARIETE (Germany)

2010 - Gala show BMW. St.-Petersburg. With Company "Art Festival"

2010 -  Dubai -United Arab Emirates.

2010 - NEUES THEATER VARIETE - Frankfurt Am Main-Höscht(Germany)

2011 - Gala Show OAO "GAZPROM" St.-Petersburg. With Compyny "Art Festival"

2011 - Tour of Estonia (Tallinn)-With Moscow State Music Hall.

2011 - Greece (Gregolimano)-With Travel Company "Club Med"

2011 - A competitor in TV show "Minute of Fame" Russia-Moscow.Pass to the Finale)

2011 - Creating "Disco Quick Change" Act with Professional Dancer and Choreographer  Ekaterina Rogacheva.

2011 - Creating Aerial Act (Classic and Modern styles)

2011-2012 - Contract in APOLLO VARIETE : Germany-Düsseldorf.

2012-2013 - (from 20.08.2012-9.02.2013) Contract in Tigerpalast Variete : Germany-Frankfurt/Main


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                                                                                 Ekaterina Rogacheva

2001-2005 - studying in the State Institute of Arts in Smolensk.

Guest-performances during the studying at the Institute (Belgium, France, Spain, Netherlands) with the People's Ansamble of Songs and Dances

2006-2011- Stydying at Moscow Academy of Dance.

Since 2006  - A ballet-dancer at Moscow Music-Hall.

Since 2008  - A solist, the leading master of stage at Moscow Music – Hall.

Guest-perfomances :  Israil,Argentina,United Arab Emirates,Korea,Armenia.

2010 -  Dubai -United Arab Emirates.

2011 - Tour of Estonia (Tallinn)-With Moscow State Music Hall.

2011 - Creater and Art.director  Group Dance-Show "Sensation Show"

2011 - Creater and Choreographer and Art.director  "Disco Quick Change" with Eduard Gelazarov.

2011 - Choreographer for Aerial Act-For Eduard Gelazarov.

2012 - Acting in Russian Movie with own Ballet "Sansation Show" With Dance "TANGO"

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It is owing to confluence of such rather different genres, that they create these so remaining in one’s mind show programs. The star performance of the duet is called Disco Quick Change, which is an unusual cocktail of expression of dance and magic of circus. To the firing music the partners are circling about the stage changing their costumes in the twinkling of an eye, using the best traditions of the most skilful illusionists. No one will stay indifferent while watching this show. Grown up people and children spare no their palms trying to applaud more and more loudly. A performance of Ekaterina and Eduard is a real decoration of a party, which is always asked to give as an encore. You can personally test your emotions by looking through the clips of the show, although of course it’s too little to see the atmosphere among the public. There you can see the clips of any other item of their program.