The illusion Show

Ekaterina Rogacheva and Eduard Gelazarov are the laureates of the All-Russia competition of circus performers and variety actors in Moscow.  They are the holders of the gold medal at the international competition of circus performers in Wiesbaden, Germany. They are also finalists of the All-Russia TV-Show ‘Minuta Slavi’ (The Minute of Glory). In addition, they are soloists of the Moscow Music Hall. They have been accepted in best variety-theatres of Germany and everywhere with enormous success.

It’s not too much to say that these artists are representing the brightest example of modern variety. They are young, talented, full of energy, ideas and ambitions. Each of  them has a large reserve of ‘ I know how to do it OK’, based on their own experience and that on those who shone before. They are respectful to the traditions of the past, and with open eyes look into the future, perceiving new ideas and tendencies. To be afraid in experimenting and romancing is not their way of living.

The illusion Show for Your Party

The complete illusion show consists of four absolutely different items: - Quick Change Show(11 quick changes of costumes, each of them takes less than a second; - illusion  show “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” or “ Zig – Zag”  - here you’ll see how a girl will be cut on three parts; - illusion item ‘The Chest “Metamorphosis” – disappearance of one performer and appearance of the other.  – the Acrobatic item ‘Hand Balancing on Sticks’ –the combination of plasticity, acrobatics and dance.
Having ordered this show you can be sure that everybody in your party will get high spirits. The performers are highly professional, they know how to do it and no doubt they’ll do it so that all of your guests will be glad to see it. This show is a real decoration of any party.


 Disco Quick Change Show 

Illusion Show Mr. & Mrs. Smith 

Illusion Show Beautiful Lady and Porter


Incredible Hand Stand Act



















      Many of us nowadays are adventure-seekers, but few of us like to undergo ourselves to anyeven tiny danger. The illusion show  is one of the most thrilling and being called for parties genres. While watching an illusion show the audience are in agitation, emotional experience, and admiration. Illusionists are the most called for any celebrations since magic show appeared on the stage.

We’ll help you to make your party unforgettable. To invite illusionists to your party is the best way to put you and your guests in the right mood. During the show you hear fine music, feel agitation, watch dances and acrobatic tricks, and all this is united with a common plot. Each item is able to attract audience just from the first second and gives a lot of positive emotions. Now you can have an excellent opportunity  to watch illusion show not only in theatres and circuses but also to invite illusionists to your party.

So, if you want to get the right mood, do invite illusionists to your party. You will carry out your jubilee, birthday party, wedding, and any other celebration with great pleasure. Be sure, you and your guests will be glad to watch our illusion show.

                                                  If you have any questions leave a message for us,  we’ll connect with you.


Our advantages:

 we’re professional performers with large experience.
♦ reliability and discipline in cooperation.
 we a delighted by what we perform.
 Our aspiration is to agitate your hearts.
 we don’t want to be the first we want to be the Best.
 we are probably the best duet in Russia.
 to invite the performers of Art Of Illusion it ‘s to raise the prestige of your party.
 unique feature of this show  is in combination of tricks, choreography, idea ,and, no doubt,       artistry.